YouTube launches new music app for music lovers

Youtube has launched a new app called YouTube Music. It´s a so called stand alone app and it´s all devoted to music meaning that if you are a music lover this might be “sweet tones” in your ear.

As we know YouTube is full of music with or without videos. This new app will bring together ad-free viewing and listening, and if you are a user of YouTube Red there are some pretty cool features coming along with the new app.

With YouTube Red you have offline access to songs as well as the ability to hear the songs in the background while you are surfing on the internet. For instance, you can open the app, start a playlist, and then move onto the answering e-mail or posting to Facebook while listening. On the free version, once you navigate elsewhere, the music stops playing.

YouTube Music offers “a seamless transition from video to audio,” says Manuel Bronstein, a YouTube product manager. “If you want to be closer to the artist, you can watch the live performance, but if you’re in the car, you can listen to audio.”